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04/22/14 11:56 AM #28    


Sherry Johnson

Dear John, Thanks for all your hard work to organize a very important reunion!  How did 50 years pass?  It has been such fun looking at pictures, seeing how we are spread all over the country and world, and how many will be coming to the reunion.  I am working hard to arrange my life to be there.  Will know soon.  I would so love to catch up after 50 years.

My best to All,

Sherry Johnson

Hingham, Ma

04/23/14 11:48 AM #29    


Gabriella Penzi (Fedrigo)

Hi John,

Yes, your mail has been received here in Provesano, Italy (northern Italy, near Venice).  Thank you so much for all the information you have been sending.  Looking forward to our 50th Class of l964 Reunion!

Gabriella Penzi Fedrigo

05/12/14 08:06 AM #30    


Diane Johnson (Waarvik)

Great work, John.  :Looking forward to August.   Diane


05/12/14 01:55 PM #31    


Joanne Fletcher (McGavran)

Hi, John... got your message loud and clear here in Menifee, CA - and looking forward to the reunion. Thanks for ALL you're doing to keep us connected, and thanks, too, to the reunion committee for their planning and preparations. We're going to have a great time!

Blessings to you and to all who read this... Joanne Fletcher McGavran

06/05/14 12:02 AM #32    


John Hegberg

50 years ago today was the last time our class was all together in one location.  It was for our graduation at the Coronado Theater on Friday, June 5th, 1964 at 8:30 A.M.   

06/08/14 10:44 AM #33    


Louise Peterson (Audrieth)

Looking forward to this very important reunion. As many have said before - how did 50 years go by so fast? I will enjoy reconnecting with all you kids I knew back when. (yes, I still think of us all as kids!) Thanks, John, for all your hard work getting this website up and running. It's a great way to stay connected. See you in August!

06/10/14 06:41 AM #34    


Sherry Johnson

Oh, Louise,  How great to see your old and new picture.  It sure has been a long time.  I am trying to make the reunion happen and I hope I see you if I am able to come.  It sure sounds fun to reconnect!!  My best, Sherry Johnson

06/11/14 12:54 PM #35    


Louise Peterson (Audrieth)

Hope to see you there, Sherry!

06/21/14 01:59 PM #36    


Carol Yates (Carlson)

Hi John!  Got your message in Davis, IL - looking forward to the reunion!  Thanks for all your hard work!

08/01/14 10:57 AM #37    


Mark Gibson

Hey John, Great work on the web site and photos. Thanks for all you have done

Looking forward to attending-have finally mostly retired from 37 years practicing emergency medicine and training paramedics but I do continue practicing acupuncture-is a great modality but does not replace emergency or ongoing primary care but does provide great relief from many pain and inflammatory conditions.

Just returned this year from assignments in Antartica and Tahiti as I do continue to sail as the ship's physician for Hoflland America. Now looking to do more personal sailing. Any one interested?     Thanks again John


Mark S. Gibson


08/11/14 03:33 AM #38    


Gerald Fieser

I greatly enjoyed the reunion and send my appreciation to the organizers. It was awesome! I was especially happy to reconnect with both my East and Guilford friends.

Sometimes databases live forever. Even though my profile on the website shows no spouse, my ex-wife unexpectedly managed to appear in the printed directory. For the record, I am not currently married.

I've been away from Rockford a long time. Much has changed in the intervening decades. I remembered quite a bit but often had to use my GPS to make sure I was headed in the correct direction. By pure fluke, every reunion event was within 10 minutes of my hotel room.

The church I attended when I was growing up in Rockford, Our Savior's Lutheran on Rural Street, has had numerous expansions over the years and is now about three times bigger than when I was there. The changes are so dramatic that I hardly recognize it as my church. Ah, progress!

Thanks again to the organizers.

08/11/14 09:40 PM #39    


Curtis Johnson

Thank you to all who help organize and volunteer for this great reunion of the class of 1964. I had a great time and enjoyed renewing acquaintances and making new ones from classmates whom I didn't know back in 1964.



08/12/14 10:33 PM #40    


Diane Johnson (Waarvik)

Great job on organizing the reunion.  I do appreciate how much time and energy it takes to put one together and to do it so well.  Thanks to all.  It was good to see many old friends and meet some new ones.   Diane

09/03/14 11:09 AM #41    


Curtis Johnson

Does anybody remember the name of the piece that the Coronado organist was playing as his he rose up from the orchestra pit? 

I mean this year when we toured the renovated Coronado, one of the events of our 50th reunion. 

Thanks in advance!

09/05/14 12:51 PM #42    


Dorothy Hall

Hello, Curtis.  I remember that the tune you're referring to is fairly well known, but don't recall the name.  Sorry!

09/05/14 02:15 PM #43    

Gary Knodle

Sorry I didn't make it to the 50th. Would have enjoyed seeing everyone

I noticed an error in my Profile. It states Bonny Knodle is my wife, but that is incorrect. My wife is my high school sweetheart, Linda Humpal, who went to Guilford. We dated Senior Year, before I moved to Texas. Missed one chance to be together, but didn't hesitate on reconnecting. After too many years of being with the wrong people and having to wear our wedding bands on our right hands, Linda and I reconnected.

09/11/14 10:10 PM #44    

Gary Knodle


I'll bet the song played at our graduation was "Pomp And Circumstance". It is played at a lot of graduations. It was either that or "Rock Around The Clock"

12/31/14 10:37 AM #45    


Nancy Kallenbach (Parker)

I'd like to wish all of my East 1964 classmates a very Happy New Year...may you enjoy a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015! It was great seeing all of you who attended our 50th reunion...looking forward to the 55th in 2019. Hope to see you there! Nancy (Kallenbach) Parker

01/01/15 02:07 PM #46    


James Ridings

Happy New Year to all!!!  Thank you Karen for being a gentle woman and reminding us to share the joy of the season. 

Living here in northern Mississippi, I have enjoyed a cooler than normal year in '14 with '15 starting out the same way.  When I came south with my new bride back in '69 I found the beauty of flowers blooming in February which continued through late November.  I have enjoyed the 4 seasons of the Mid-South ever since then. 

I wish you all well there in the snow.  I enjoyed snow angles in my youth and I came back to visit family a few times through the late '80's but do enjoy my flowers.  We all are finding that Seniorism is as much of a challenge as we found "being an Adult" was back in the middle '60's.  Some of us have more of a challenge than others but that is the joy of opening the present (gift) of today and sharing the blessings of the day's supprise and chalenges with our aquaintences.

If any of you fellow studens from East High, no matter what year of graduation come through Memphis, TN and want to have a point of rest and fellowship feel free to call.   (901)301 2829

03/15/15 02:33 PM #47    

Mary Johansson (Evans)

Comments on being a Senior!

I agree with Jim that being this side of a Senior is a just as much a challenge as being the Senior in 1964.  I just finished a graduate class in Generational Studies in Education and the Workforce.  We certainly are still a force to be considered, the Boomer generation.  We are still working (some of us) and some are actually returning to work.  I went back to school to get a masters and found out of the 30 students in the program, several are Boomers!  One of our characteristics is our propensity for hard work, always expending more than minimum effort.  Our classes at East seem to echo back that trait.  Seems like the teachers expected that extra effort.  Very interesting to view 4 generations now in the workforce but we are still the largest.  (Gen Y comes in a close second!).  It's great to hear about our classmates and read about their lives.  I don't think it ever occurred to me while at East that our generation would have such an effect.

Everyone have a great 2015.

Mary Ellen Johansson

04/13/16 12:10 AM #48    


James Ridings

John Hegberg,


This is to share with you my plans. I am a 69 year old crotchety old fart. Living solo here in Southaven, MS, I have no motivation to plan for any social activities to occur at my passing.


However, I do plan to be more than a fart in the wind. Here in Mississippi, and I suspect in other states, there is a continual need for Medical Professionals. In the University of Mississippi's Medical School there is a program which allows individuals to donate their remains for no remuneration, to be used as tools for pre-Med students. Each student will need a cadaver, like the days back in Hi-School and College where the class bought the pickled frogs and other small animals for the “research” work learning the cutting and slide preparation for Zoology.


This “gift” to the State cost me and the family nothing. The Med School will, at my discretion return any unused remains after 1 year, to the family. My will... states that there is to be no return and the University of Mississippi's Med School cremates the residual remains at that time.


That being said, I have made plans to stay around the northern confines of Mississippi. I have a card with my driver's license which declares to whoever finds my body to contact the school which will collect the remains and put me into the system. Mississippi will not go out of state to collect the cadaver.


I tell you this now because:

  • I do not intend a great funeral to take place with my daughters and ex... When I am gone my remains are just a collection of molecules. There is no reason for any stones in a graveyard or anything else.

  • This saves my children and ex. $7-8,000 in funeral expenses which will not need to be spent to fulfill --- tradition. They can have any Memorial Service they desire at what ever cost the Church might charge, if any cost at all.

  • If they want a memorial, I have told them to plant a tree or clump of trees of their choice and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. I am with Him enjoying His beauty!

  • Others in similar situations in our class might find it interesting to be able to plan a gift to their piers and descendants in their passage as I have.

  • I do not know how to publish this to the class. If you feel it provides enough of a seed of a future vision to reach out to your and my piers, to bless others, maybe you can share it with the class.




James Carey Ridings

04/23/18 07:22 PM #49    


Neva Keres

I am interested in getting a women's East High class ring from 1964.  Please let me know if you have one available or know how I can get one.  Mahalo!

Neva Keres

04/24/18 10:28 AM #50    


Sherry Johnson

Hi Neva,  It was lovely to see your picture.  It has been a long time.  I think my East High Ring is in my jewelry box.  If you are interested I can look when I get home tonight.  I would certainly be interested in selling it to you. My e-mail is: and my cell is 617-429-1003.  Let me know.  Happy to check. Hope you are doing well.  Best,  Sherry 




08/31/18 11:56 AM #51    

Steven Tolodxi

Happy birthday to Carl Sefrhans

09/14/18 08:27 PM #52    


Jean Wahlstrom (Salley)

Does anyone remember Mrs. Gorman?  She was my third grade teacher at Kishwaukee School.  Her obituary was in the paper this week.

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